New School Designs Help with Zero Tolerance for Bullies

In a week where the national focus has been on anti-bullying, Manchester (United Kingdom) teachers and students have spoken out about how the physical design of their schools has helped them to feel safe and protected.

Manchester's £509m Building Schools for the Future (BSF) programme covers the rebuilding or refurbishment of 33 of the city's schools. READ MORE>>>

BOCES is Working to Save Energy with Solar Panels

A slanting roof now stands over part of a BOCES parking lot, with solar panels on top, which should save the district some $8,500 per year in electric costs.

The solar panels, at the F. Donald Myers Education Center, are one of several energy-efficiency projects the Washington-Saratoga-Warren-Hamilton-Essex BOCES has implemented in the region.  READ MORE>>>

Annual Visual Inspection Now Available @ SED, Office of Facilities Planing Website

The submission form for the Annual Visual Inspection is now up and running on the SED website:

Instructions for completion of the survey are posted, as well, and are relatively simple. With a copy of your field notes, you need only enter those items which have changed from the 2010 building condition survey, bypassing entirely any items which remain unchanged.